Tuesday, 4 September 2007

R.I.P. Bibimbub

The best restaurant on my street, and the only one that was not a franchise, has closed. The absolutely brilliant little Korean family-run dive, Bibimbub has disappeared, replaced by an overly-fancy looking Japanese restaurant.

A moment's silence for the death of the family restaurant, and the unequivocal victory of the faceless franchise.

On a similar, yet quite different note, my model agency has gone bankrupt and shut up shop.

Fuck 'em. I hated em anyway.


Last night, my friends dragged me out to the new restaurant, only for us to find it was run by the same people! The menu had changed along with the decoration, but it was actually all very pleasant. The staff recognized us, and did not even mind when we got very drunk and loud in celebration. Happy ending!

Saturday, 1 September 2007


This guy has designed a series of Mario levels so that they can be completed with out any controller input. Why? you might ask, but the design is charming and amusing. But, while you are watching it try not to remember those excruciating, controller bitingly hard hours spent on the Mario series. It makes me want to cry a bit.

Also, this is me according to simpsonize. I always wanted to know.
Also, here is a sweet game about a girl who is moving away, and the guy who loves her is chasing her moving van. The controls are just left and right on the keypad, and space to jump. The black and white onigiri (rice-balls), the blue and white cans, and the sweetcorn all revive health.My topscore on difficulty level three is a not bad 791669. Challenge it!